Jamie Dornan
I don’t do r o m a n c e.”
Honestly? When I hear that I’m cute and charming, I feel like a French bulldog.”

“'Fifty Shades' Preview Is Most Viewed Trailer of 2014”

The Hollywood Reporter (+)


New/Old Picture of Jamie from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ set.

OMG! I love your Tumblr. Thank you for following me :D — dakotjohnson

Oh nooo YOU thank you for following me back ! *-* your blog is amazing i love it so much i don’t know how I do for not knowing your blog before ! :’o ❤️


Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson - Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer


Hey! What page in the book does Ana say "enlighten me" on? — 2hot4youdirtybitches

Hey sweety ❤️ it’s on the page 49 i think- i’m not sure - *-* because it depends of the language of the book :o